When a business owner can’t work, the bills still need to be paid.

Most small businesses in Australia rely on the owner to generate revenue, so if they’re injured or ill, the income often dries up.

How to keep your business running when you can’t be there

Business overheads insurance is specifically designed to help self employed people when they are struck by serious injury or illness.

It will pay business costs such as:

  • wages and salaries for staff
  • rent for business premises
  • business-related loan repayments
  • property rates and taxes
  • electricity, telephone and other utility expenses
  • business insurance premiums
  • accountancy and audit fees
  • business vehicle registration and insurance
  • postage, printing and stationery

The whole package

When combined with income protection insurance, business overheads insurance can provide comprehensive peace of mind for self-employed business owners. Premiums are also usually tax-deductible.


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