Your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset.  One in three Australians will be off work for more than three months during their working life due to illness or injury*.

income protectionCould you afford to be off work for more than a few days?

It’s a common myth that extended absences are covered by workers compensation:

  • Workers’ compensation only pays when accidents or injuries occur during working hours or for an illness directly related to your employment. 
  • The benefit is also capped under the different state regulations.
  • Half of all serious accidents occur away from work.

It’s not just about the bills.

Your income doesn’t just allow you to put food on the table or meet mortgage repayments.  It funds your lifestyle, your dreams and aspirations.

By protecting your income, you’re protecting your future. 

If you can’t work because of illness or injury, income protection insurance pays you a regular amount based on your normal income.  And you’re covered 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

incomeProtection you can customise. 

When you take out your policy, you can choose each of the following features:

  • Benefit period
    This is the maximum length of time you can receive payments if you are on a claim. This usually ranges anywhere from two years or until you turn 65.  Some policies even offer payments for life.
  • Waiting period
    This is the time you need to be off work due to an illness or injury to receive payments.  This could be as short as two weeks or one month, or as long as one or two years.
  • Additional options
    These can help make life easier while you’re on a claim.  They may include continuing superannuation contributions, in-home assistance or specific injury payments.

Of course, each of the choices you make will affect the cost of the policy.  We can discuss your options with you, explain how this affects the premium, and help you make the right choice.

Income protection insurance works for you, when you can’t work.

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* Institute of Actuaries of Australia (2000) Interim Report of Disability Committee


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