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Malvern Life, Total & Permenant Disability, Trauma and Income Protection Insurance 

At wealthPROTECTION we offer all Life Insurance services which are designed to protect your family in the event of Death, sickness or accident and total & permanent disability.  "Where would you be without it?"  

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Income Protection Insurance Malvern 

Could you afford to be off work for more than a few days?

It’s a common myth that extended absences are covered by workers compensation:

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Life / TPD insurance Malvern

Life insurance / TPD doesn’t have to be complicated.  

But there are many factors to consider.  We can help you to get it right and ensure that, even when you aren’t here, your family receives financial support to maintain lifestyle and eliminate debt. 

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Trauma Insurance Malvern

Cancer, stroke and heart attack. When they hit, these conditions are physically, emotionally and financially draining.

Most people survive these conditions, but it takes time and money to recover. Yet only one in four Australians have the right strategies in place to protect themselves financially.

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Our team at wealthPROTECTION understand what is important in your life. We want to build a wall of financial protection so  your future is safe and your plans can eventuate as you wish.

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